With decades (even centuries) of war and conflict in her rearview mirror, Iraq is facing significant challenges both in cities and remote regions as she rebuilds and moves forward. In early 2015, FAI Relief launched an Iraqi division to provide critical casualty care, community initiatives, clinic assistance, education, training, and aid distribution in multiple locations with multiple people groups. 

Today, Iraq is facing significant challenges all across her landscape. Nearly two decades after 9/11 and with the dust of the ISIS years only beginning to settle, Iraq’s cities and remote regions are struggling to rebuild and move forward from ever-recent battles. The Iraqi Division of FAI Relief works in multiple locations providing critical casualty care, community initiatives, clinic assistance, and aid distribution.

Our commitment to Arab, Kurdish, and Yazidi residents of this beautiful and battered country alike, as well as serving the varied people groups displaced within her borders, is a reflection of our faith-based and apolitical values and convictions. We are committed to all the people of Iraq for the beauty and benefit of a peaceful Iraq.



We watched as Mosul fell to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL/ISIS) in June 2014; the fall of this large and strategic city in the Nineveh Plains also forfeit Iraq’s control of the Mosul Dam. Coalition forces (led by the Iraqi Army and Iraqi Security Forces) launched a liberation campaign in October 2016, liberating the city from the crumbling caliphate. FAI Relief served on the front line during and after Mosul’s liberation, distributing food, water, and medicine from the operational hub of our central field clinic; this base allowed us to provide urgent care, facilitate medical screenings, and serve critical/trauma casualties.

When ISIS first invaded Iraq in the summer of 2014, Tal Afar was the first location to fall to their jihad-based caliphate. In a watershed moment for the demise of the Islamic State, Iraqi troops and coalition forces recaptured this foothold in August 2017. From the beginning to end of Tal Afar’s liberation, FAI Relief provided critical casualty care to both the Iraqi forces and civilians who had fled from the violence.

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The Kurds are the largest stateless people group on the earth, scattered across territories and soil within Iranian, Iraqi, Syrian, and Turkish borders. FAI Relief serves various communities with critical casualty care, frontline critical care, community initiatives, clinic assistance, and aid distribution. FAI Relief strategically serves within the KRG and regularly works with Kurdish based organizations around the region. It is our privilege to be “better friends than mountains” to the Kurdish people; our field documentaries chronicling this work can be streamed and downloaded free in our FAI Studios Film Library.

When the campaign to liberate Mosul kicked off, FAI Relief shadowed the Kurdish Peshmerga and immediately established an advanced casualty collection point on the front line of the offensive. We are honored to be called friends of the Kurds.







Nearly half a decade after ISIS’ blitzkrieg campaign through Sinjar in August 2014 (many of you will remember thousands of Yazidis trapped and stranded on Sinjar Mountain in an attempt to flee the jihadis), we are deeply committed to the longterm vitality of this community as it rebuilds itself and finds a new "normal." The devastating plight of the Yazidi people has been more than a significant motivation to engage with the maligned and rejected. FAI Relief has assisted and augmented clinical care, a women's hospital, distributed aid, and served emerging community initiatives as they get off the ground.

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Iraq has become a home for many groups affected by conflict in the region, particularly Syrians displaced by their civil war—hundreds of thousands of Syrians have fled into Iraq for refuge. Some have reluctantly embraced a new life in various areas of Iraq, but most find themselves with nothing left to show of their former lives, lost to statistics. Many are simply surviving in the squalor of refugee camps hoping just to “one day” make it home again—to find whatever is left after nearly a decade of merciless conflict. 

After years of conflict and displacement, many Syrians within Iraq find themselves at the gallows of a bureaucratic noose. They have little, if anything, to return home to, and are losing funding to meet their basic needs in the meantime. FAI Relief is committed to serving those displaced within Iraq in their most basic needs as human beings, as well as administering salve to their wounds of emotional trauma, depression, and hopelessness.


Thank you for investing in our ongoing work in Iraq.