Our Vision

A better counter-insurgency.


Middle Eastern politics and policies are the kind of rabbit hole people get lost in. The conflicts are old. The tensions are thick. The powder kegs are all too easily set aflame. And more often than not, kids are the greatest casualties and victims of proxy wars, power plays, and civil unrest. Schools, clinics, hospitals, and social services are frequently aborted if not altogether destroyed. Futures are shattered wherever a barrel bomb falls.

We as an organization are heavily engaged in relief efforts in Iraq and Syria for two primary reasons: First, it's about Gospel urgency. Citizens of Iraq and Syria are languishing without hope as some of the most unreached and unengaged people on earth between the rock of Sunni jihad and the hard place of Shia expansionism. The Gospel is good news (the best news) and they deserve access to it. Second, it's about Gospel-oriented counter-insurgency. We're not about establishing some kind of Christian militia—we're about making much of Jesus where no one has heard of Him before and presenting a witness worthy of the King who bled for His enemies.

While much of the Western Church slumbers in narcissism and boredom, radical Islamic regimes and fearless Islamic militias are writing the future of the Middle East. It's time we in the West—who have been blessed with resources beyond measure—embrace a biblical vision for combatting violent Islamic insurgency the Jesus way: the servant-hearted way of the Cross.

Pray with us today in praying for the Middle East. The harvest is plentiful. The laborers are few. And the doors are open.


Dalton Thomas
Founder and President, FAI

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