With decades of war and conflict in her rearview mirror, Iraq is facing significant challenges both in cities and remote regions as she rebuilds and moves forward. Many areas face fledgling civil infrastructure with or without airstrikes and artillery fire, and communities are in need. Hospitals, clinics, schools, and more require aid to serve their neighborhoods well. The Iraqi Division of FAI Relief works in multiple locations providing critical casualty care, community initiatives, clinic assistance, and aid distribution.



ISIS TOOK CONTROL OF MOSUL,  a large and strategic city in the Nineveh Plains with control of the Mosul Dam, in June 2014. The crumbling caliphate lost control of Mosul through the liberation campaign launched by coalition forces led by the Iraqi Army and ISF in October 2016. We were on the ground during and after the liberation of Mosul, distributing food, water, and medicine, while providing urgent care, facilitating medical screenings, and serving critical and traumatic casualties.



Following the liberation of Mosul, Tal Afar was a next and necessary step to further destabilize the Islamic State's presence in Iraq and free any civilians still trapped inside. Our ground team shadowed Iraqi forces into the city in what came to be a very quick and successful campaign.

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