Closing up the CCP (For Now) and Focusing on IDP's // November 14

With Bashiqa secure and the clearing process underway, this morning we dismantled the Casualty Collection Point and began the process of reorienting our focus from Peshmerga to the hemorrhaging IDP crisis as more civilians begin the flee the city. The first day of the offensive we saw 3 people escape. Yesterday we saw hundreds. We do not yet know what tomorrow will bring.

This afternoon we met with the Peshmerga command center and a number of NGO's to coordinate efforts on our side of Mosul. A long term plan is emerging. New medical personnel will be landing in the country over the next few days.

Bashiqa is in ruin. In a few days civilians will be allowed to return to inspect their homes (if they still exist). Our team will set up inside the city with the intentions of providing ongoing care 24/7.

Our operational expenses are rising. Consider donating today to strengthen our efforts to meet the growing needs on the ground.