Daily Dispatch

0800-0930: Half of the team went to the front lines to distribute tea, treat the IDPs with deworming medication and to attend to other medical needs.

1045: Team meeting on what the next several days will look like as well as discussing how to put the word out for another medical professional.

1100-1230: People from the Hope Foundation stopped by along with Dave of the Free Burma Rangers (FBR). It was a great time for we were able meet people who have been donating medical supplies to our cause. Several Peshmerga came by for medical treatment as well.

1230-1400: We cleaned more of the house as well as the outside. We're really working on making this more of a functional facility, at the same time that it would be a restful place to be.

1400-1700: Page and Kent left to help FBR with their "Good Life" program. The rest of the team continued working around the base of operations. Peshmerga throughout the day came by for medical treatment, including the man who we took to the hospital after having a building fall on him to have his bandage changed. On average we treated around 40 soldiers today.

1800: team dinner, end of day.