Daily Dispatch

After a beautiful Christmas break, the team comes back to the Bashiqa base. 

1900: During a team dinner, the UN contacts FAI RELIEF about several families who became stranded just outside of Mosul. It is winter in Kurdistan and temperatures drop near freezing in the middle of the night.

1915: Our Field Coordinator and a Peshmerga official go to scout out the situation; the rest of the team preps to lead the vehicles with food, water, and blankets, just in case we get the "go-ahead"

1945: Field Coordinator calls in with confirmation that our team can roll out; we prepare and load both vehicles with aid! 

2000: Together, we pray for the situation, for favor in moving through the security checkpoints and for peace to permeate the evening. Our team rolls out to meet the IDPs and distribute what's needed. 

2015: The teams clears all necessary checkpoints! 

2045: The team arrives at the abandoned schoolhouse where the IDPs are being housed. 

2050: We unload both vehicles in the dark, muddy lot, careful to make sure the aid items land in a clean space. 

The families begin to line up in the schools courtyard to receive what they need. Peace was so present through the process - each family was visibly grateful to get what they haven't had access to in such a chaotic season. 

At the end of the evening, 300 bottles of water, 150 blankets, and 40 boxes of food were handed out to roughly 150 people. 

2100: Finishing up distribution, we say goodbye to the families around the fire, and plan to return with tea in the morning. 

2115: Bashiqa personnel drive back to the base with empty cars and full hearts. Excited to see what doors continue to open.  

This is an example of why we live in northern Iraq
and facilitate humanitarian aid.

Medicine is the means. Communicating the Gospel is the end.

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