We are in West Mosul today, where the final phase of the battle to push the Islamic State out of the city is raging. By mid-morning local time, civilians were already fleeing by the thousands. Our FAI Relief team is working hard to distribute aid and address the evolving crisis as the so-called caliphate crumbles and the city is liberated from the Islamic State.

This last month has been significant in the war effort. As Iraqi and coalition forces pushed ISIS out from east to west, we’ve transitioned our distribution efforts to meet the escalating needs. This is not the kind of crisis that will de-escalate and taper out—the easiest way to say it is simply that the last day of the war in Mosul will not be a light day.

We are committed to serving civilians most affected by the war through to the end of the campaign and beyond, providing a witness of Jesus in word and deed. The numbers are climbing, the situation is dire and our resources are limited.

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