Shingal // Three Years After ISIS' Yazidi Genocide

[SHINGAL] Today marks a sobering anniversary. Three years after the brutal Yazidi genocide by the hands of ISIS, the Kurdistan division of FAI Relief is in Shingal (Sinjar Mountain) distributing medicine, materials, and serving clinics as this resilient community rebuilds itself. While the attempted Caliphate may have crumbled in Iraq and Kurdistan, the jihadis left immeasurable destruction in their wake. Many Yazidi girls and women kidnapped by Daesh have still not returned home.

We are privileged to be part of Shingal's humble present, and are committed to its hopeful future. Three years after ethnic cleansing, will you consider investing in the work to rebuild life for the people of Shingal?

The Local Yazidi Community's Anniversary Marking
Three Years Since ISIS' Violent Invasion