Saving Lives in Syria // Help Keep the Power On

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FAI Relief launched a long-term community initiative in an isolated region of Syria. Much of the country remains underserved and under-resourced as the war approaches a six-year mile marker, and many Syrians have had to figure out how to get on with their lives without basic amenities like running water or electricity. Imagine not being able to charge your cell phone, run your refrigerator, or turn your lights on. 

The stakes are higher when operating a medical presence. Not having electricity means more than whether or not we can keep the lights on. Our clinic houses life-saving equipment and machines that need electricity to run. In this kind of distressed environment, the difference between having electricity and not having electricity can mean whether or not we can save someone's life.

One of our emergency family clinics has relied on an old generator shared by the community. It recently gave up the ghost and now both our clinic and the impoverished community it serves needs a new power source, which costs $15,000.

Operating clinics like this one gives our teams a trusted community presence and opportunities to interact with up to a hundred Syrians a day, which is ultimately why we’re in Syria—to love and serve these families who’ve survived such atrocities for so many years.

Would you consider sowing into this community? Help us keep the clinic lights on—literally. Every contribution made is tax-deductible in the US.