SYRIA // Stories from Syria

We are excited to start sharing short stories from an FAI Relief doctor who has served at a Mercy Medical Clinic inside Syria. 

Every photo is a testimony of God's mercy in the midst of war.

Dr. T: (translated from Spanish) This is a child that was born in the midst of much conflict. This woman came to hospital and we were able to care for her. It was our first normal delivery in the hospital. She had a normal delivery. The good thing was that despite the bombs of that day, she was able to be cared for at the clinic.

Dr. T: (translated from Spanish) This baby was delivered by a C-section, due to the mother's lack of dilation. Our team was able to care for her, performing various functions: anesthesia, helping with the other children. The baby came out well. We were giving him oxygen in this image because he needed it, but eventually he was fine.

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