Several years ago, thousands of Yazidi women were taken captive by ISIS militants and promptly sold into the dark underbelly of the emerging Caliphate across Iraq and Syria. As the attempt to re-establish Mohammed's throne eroded, scores of horror stories have emerged from survivors. We've heard some of their stories ourselves, as we've served in post-trauma counseling capacities (perhaps you remember seeing some of their sketches as they worked through their pain). But you don't need to travel to Iraq and sit in safe houses or spend sweltering summer afternoons in refugee camps to hear their stories—thankfully, even the mainstream media has lent their platform to these brave voices. 

So we'd understand if when we mention "sex slavery in the Muslim world," that's what comes to your mind.

Unfortunately, the enterprise wasn't isolated to the Islamic State. The victims of Quran-sanctioned lust aren't limited to ethnic minorities targeted for genocide. There are yet more stories that haven't hit your Twitter feed, more voices that haven't been published by The New York Times—more hidden, and most vulnerable. 

We're working in the worst-case scenario, where the market for human flesh is still hidden, still unseen, still thriving. Where it's still dark. Pray with us today for the kind of breakthrough only God can bring, the kind that liberates those enslaved in clubs and those enslaved to their own flesh. 

Paul wrote in Romans 15 of his commitment to "build foundations where there [were] none," where people had never heard of Jesus and didn't know how to love or obey Him. He went where it was darkest, driven by an unwavering love for the Light of the world (see John 1)—that "this Gospel of the Kingdom [would be] proclaimed" to all people, everywhere (Mat. 24:14).

We want to do the same.

Join us.