Mosul Offensive // October 20

Photo Oct 20, 8 47 15 AM.jpg

5:20 AM (Iraq time): The offensive to take Bashiqa has begun. We have 3 medics on the ground with an ambulance.

9:35 AM: Our medics responded to Peshmerga casualty in Bashiqa and extracted the patient, but he died shortly after reaching the hospital.

9:37 AM: Our medics are back at the Bashiqa front with the ambulance; they are standing by for another call.

10:19 AM: Coalition airstrikes all morning, two fatalities through our front so far.

11:51 AM: Our ambulance took an additional 4 casualties from a suicide blast. There were 4 other full ambulances in addition to ours.

1:17 PM: Our translator's friend was one of the first fatalities of the day, we just learned that his friend's father was also killed in action today. The mother and wife who lost both a son and husband today is from our town in the mountains. [correction: the father was in fact not killed. We are grateful to receive the news that he is safe]

1:20 PM: Our ambulance has been deployed 3 more times, casualties abounding, but Peshmerga still fighting strong. Waiting to hear casualty count.

5:04 PM: I [Mike] was delayed without internet, while I was away fighting continued until just over an hour ago. At least 11 fatalities, 40 injuries.

Lord willing we will have more medics at the front by tomorrow evening.

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