Daily Dispatch

0730: Morning brief

0800: Operations Manager informs us that our landlord from the site of our CCP during the Bashiqa offensive is coming to visit because his wife is sick. There is great trust and relationship being nurtured in the surrounding villages.

0815: Clinic team meets to start putting medical terms in translation. We are developing laminated papers with medical terms and diagnosing vocabulary so that volunteers and patients can use English-Kurdish-Arabic translations.

0830: We have a time of prayer and devotions. God speaks about the importance of healthy and holy horizontal and vertical relationship - God opens doors through trust relationship. Tamar joins and affirms how this God given way of relationship is a foundation in the Kurdish culture.

0845: Today's briefing about the future developments in light of the new phase of the Mosul campaign. Humanitarian situation will continue to deteriorate inside the city. ISF have only engaged in the outlying suburbs. The city center and citadel remain untouched by the offensive.

0915: Clinic team welcomes the men from the village where we had our CCP and checks treatment plan of wife. They are very thankful and very comforted.

0945: 7 Peshmerga line up outside for checkups.

1130-1330: Meeting and lunch with a colonel. Provide medical checkups for his soldiers.

1430: Yesterday we came by a military checkpoint and the men told us they can't leave their post for medical attention. We went out to the checkpoint and are able to care for 8 soldiers there and give medication. Winter is hitting the Peshmerga hard. Many sick.

1500: Cleaning and organizing. Peshmerga drop-ins 30 people so far.

1730: Dalton meets up with Bring Hope in Erbil for a medicine pickup.

1800 New volunteer arrives in Bashiqa. Briefing.

2000 End of the day, we are thankful and we got to treat 39 people today.