Daily Dispatch

0715: A de-mining company clearing Bashiqa of IEDs came by to drop off more medical supplies, including lots of bandages specifically for burn victims. 

0830: A rat was found in the kitchen and after some team work from Kent and Barb the rat was caught, killed and disposed of. It's a good morning.

0930: A local man was rushed to us with a 6inch gash/cut running along the top of his head. We were able to patch the wound enough to then drive him to the nearest hospital in Bardarash for continued medical help.

0945: While spending time in prayer and intercession as a team, we heard God declaring this is a place of peace, that in the midst of chaos it's a place of refuge. God highlighted the importance of seeing each person that comes to us as individually that he wants to have a personally encounter with.

1145: Two men from the Bashiqa console arrived for medical help today. Relationships with the locals continue to build.

1300: finished the cleaning of medical trolleys and the organization of their equipment.

1330: Mustafah, a young man from Badarash, arrived for working as a translator between the Kurdish speaking people.

1600-1730: A group of Peshmerga came by for medical treatment, we've treated a total of 36 today. The team continues to function better and better as more and more people show up for help.

1800: "end of day"

2115-2130: A ranking officer showed up with extreme ear pain and infection in the throat.

2130: end of day, really