Daily Dispatch

0900: Team prayer and devotions

0930-1030: The first patients for the day started to arrive. One man needed a refill of his prescription and it was such a God thing that we happened to have that exact medication.


1100: Part of the FAI team arrived from Soran bringing supplies and some fresh strength to help around the base.

1100-1330: Constructed a second medical tent to serve as a waiting area and to serve as an overflow area incase of a large rush of patients needing medical help.

1430-1800: Half of the team left for the front line berm crossing. Unexpectedly, there was a large group of IDPs waiting for clearance to be transferred to a camp safely behind the front lines, 50-60 people in need of medical needs. We treated everyone that needed help and distributed water to each person. The smiles on peoples faces alone showed us how much it meant to them.

1830: End of day.


1 little girl: cough
1 little boy: cough
1 man: respiratory problem
1 little girl: fever
1 little girl: fever
1 woman: stomach problems
1 little boy: raw lips from the dryness
1 little girl: diarrhea
1 little boy: diarrhea
1 little boy: fever
1 little boy: diarrhea
1 woman: sore throat
1 woman: breast feeding problems
3 kids: basic sickness
1 old woman: stomach problems and high blood pressure
1 man: foot wound
1 little girl: cough
4 girls: diarrhea, respiratory problems
10 + people: same problems as others above