Daily Dispatch

0830-1000: Took inventory of gas, propane and water on hand, creating a list of needed supplies to send with Dlshad for pickup in Badarash.

Gerard worked on the development of the IDP strategy as things continue to unfold and move forward in Bashiqa. As well as connected with donors of medical supplies and equipment for FAI.

1015-1230: The past 2 days of rain had caused major water to get into one of the medical tents so work was needed on the drainage system for the tent to avoid flooding in the event of more heavy rain.

1230: Dlshad arrived with a fresh load of supplies for the base. While in town he also had the ambulance washed and vacuumed, it now again looks good as new.

1330: A soldier invited the team to his outpost for lunch where he prepared for us a cooked lamb.

1430-1730: We packed up the ambulance with water and basic medical supplies before heading to the front lines to check on the arrival of new IDPs. Since yesterday several families had arrived and were waiting for clearance to be to taken to one of the camps. No one needed major medical attention but they shared that they were cold. We gave each person an emergency blanket and bottled water which they gladly received. The number of IDPs treated was near 40.

When preparing to head back to the base in Bashiqa several of the soldiers stationed at the front lines asked for medical help. Being able to continue building relationship with the soldiers by providing medical help has been great. We treated 5 before we heading out.

1830-2100: Gerard and Kent discussed, strategized and planned for the development of the future treatment of IDPs and what a more permanent medical presence at the front lines will look like.

2100: end of day. Total number of peshmerga soldiers treated today: 9