Daily Dispatch

0830-1000: We started the day off early by packing up and heading to the berm. After checking for new IDP arrivals we found out two family's had arrived in the early morning. They were looked after medically by local doctors from Duhok hospital who had arrived earlier in the morning and seemed to be in good shape. This was the first time two of our new volunteers saw the berm and got to interact with IDPs.

1000-1100: with the expected rush of IDPs coming in the future, Gerard shared with the team how we will move forward from this point on at the front lines through a 4 stage plan he has been working on.

1215-1400: Sharder, a ranking officer in the Peshmerga, invited us all over to the house he is staying at for lunch. The hospitality and friendship they showed us goes to displays the value of relationship in the culture, we felt like family.

1400-1530: We received a call from the front lines informing us of 30 new IDPs that arrived. We saw this as an opportunity to display love in the midst of war by giving them tea in the hopes it would make them feel at home. This simple act brought the tension down and soon everyone was smiling. While adults drank tea, the kids enjoyed balloons we gave each one of them to play with.

1730-1830: Dlshad arrived back to the base after going into town and buying 1,000 water bottles. This water is what we pass out each time we go to the front lines for often people arrive with no supply of water or food. We all worked together and in just a short time it was unloaded and stacked.

1930-2100: Sharder stopped by with 3 of his friends just to see how we were doing. We practiced our understanding of the culture by hosting them the way a Kurdish host would - they loved it.

2100-2300: General Bahram of the Peshmerga sent us an invitation to join him at headquarters to sit around the fire and enjoy food cooked by the coals. We are so blessed by the Generals friendship, he made sure to let us know afterwards we are always welcome at the headquarters.