Daily Dispatch

0900-1015: Every morning now we have been checking for new IDP arrivals. This morning at the berm one new family had arrived with one member needing medical attention for a burned arm. We treated the burn and made sure there were no other needs among them. The Peshmerga soldiers have been giving up their own supplies of food, water and gas heaters to the IDPs making sure they didn't have any needs.

1030-1300: Gerard and Kent left to meet a donation delivery of blankets, water and food books by Samaritans Purse near a neighboring town. The trust and friendship between us and other NGOs working in this crises is continuing to build. On the way to pickup the donations they saw the IDPs from earlier in the day being transported to a camp. They smiled and waved nonstop after recognizing our car.

1400-1515: With the weather getting colder and raining in the forecast, we continued the work of securing our medical tents and weather sealing them as best as possible.

1530-1630: After checking for new IDP arrivals at the berm we assessed the quality of 2 donated tents. These tents would serve as storage for food and water at the berm, making it possible to care for larger numbers of people.

1830: With the value of community in our hearts we ended the day we a team dinner and hangout night.