Daily Dispatch

1000: We took a quick trip to the Berm and found 40 new IDPs had walked in from Mosul in the early morning hours! We spent some time handing out water to all the arrivals and playing with the kids as they settled into a handful of tents.

1100-1300: Dalton, Anna and more of the leadership team join us for lunch and some community fellowship at the Bashiqa base of operations. We also spend some time strategizing and discussing what's to come in the next weeks, as the numbers of people coming in is increasing.  

1530: Everyone heads back to the Berm to greet 6 new families who've arrived since the morning. The weather is getting colder, especially in the evenings, so water and blankets are handed out for them to keep warm for the night. 

1700: The team heads to the city of Soran for the weekend to take a much needed break from the frontline: hot showers, downtime and a good sleeps included!