Daily Dispatch

0900: The team rolls out of from a weekend of rest in Soran, traveling back to our Bashiqa base to begin another week on the frontline.

1200: The team spends a couple hours reestablishing the base, organizing supplies, and preparing as new IDPs and volunteers come in.  

1400: Half the team visits the Berm to find there weren't any families there at that point in the day. We used the opportunity to deliver some water to the Peshmerga soldiers guarding the Berm - they often generously give away their personal supplies to the IDPs. 

Page and Tori stay back to hold down the base and continue streams of communication with future volunteers, incoming donations and doors that are continuing to open! 

1600: Emily structures our first 40+ hygiene packs for families coming in from Mosul! We're excited to get them prepped and ready to give out this week. 

2000: As the evenings are getting colder, we gather around our campfire outside the base, both to stay warm and have community time together. We even broke out some marshmallows!