Daily Dispatch

0900: The team meets together for a time of prayer over the day. Then we prep to clean up the receiving area of the Berm before heading out to front. 

1000: Gerard, Tori, Emily, Tamar arrive st the Berm with trash bags, gloves and a shovel - ready to clean up the garbage around the IDP reception tents. We spend the next couple hours picking up and making the area clean and ready for new arrivals! 

1200: We get back into the vehicles to head toward Bashiqa for lunch and to warm up a bit. 

1400: Two awesome new volunteers arrive in Badarash, so a few of the team head out to pick them up, along with a couple rugs for our kitchen floor! The says are getting colder out here, and rugs will help us keep warm as we get into the winter months. 

1500: Jumping right in, our two newest additions to the team help us make 124 more hygiene packs upon arriving back in Bashiqa. 

1800: We all cook a stir fry dinner together and get prepped for another day on the Berm tomorrow!