Daily Dispatch

0930: Tamar, Tori and Helena join the Peshmerga this morning for an awesome presentation by the Red Cross. Meanwhile, Emily and Abbey prep our Bashiqa base for an upcoming eye clinic tomorrow morning! An eye specialist will be joining us to give check ups to the Peshmerga forces serving in our area.

1300: The team comes back together for a quick bite to eat and some rest from the mornings projects.  

1400: We drive out to the Berm to check for new arrivals, armed with blankets to fight the strong wind and rain that came in the night before. Noticing the tents had been whipped around quite a bit, we helped tie down some of the loose tent flaps. That way the shelters stay dry for any arrivals coming in during the rain.

1800: We gather together for dinner and then head off to the General's headquarters for tea with the Peshmerga.