SYRIA // Serving Alongside the Israeli Army

It doesn't take a history buff to know the Jewish people know what it's like to endure incredible suffering while much of the world carries on with business as usual. So we weren't surprised when we heard about Operation Good Neighbor—Israel's answer to the Syrian Civil War, one of the greatest humanitarian crises since the carnage of the Holocaust. Israel has treated, aided, and hospitalized thousands of Syrians over the last several years; there's no way to know how many lives they've served and saved.   

When the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) invited us to launch a new arm of the Good Neighborhood operation with them early this year, we knew we wanted to be a part. This is the backstory to our growing operations inside Syria.

Chris Mitchell with CBN News in Jerusalem recently sat down with some members of our team, as well as with some of the patients we treated before sending them to an Israeli hospital. The full feature will premiere Monday, but here's a sneak peek. We're grateful to them as they begin to share this incredible story.