SYRIA // Babies, Bombs, and Body Bags: An Urgent Prayer Request

Last month was reported to be the bloodiest month of 2017 with the highest death toll of the year in Syria. Our long-term medical teams on the ground have been feeling it. We have never burned through as many medical supplies as we have in these tumultuous days. Consequently, we have never been in need of such financial miracles to keep going. 

We are asking our friends and partners to pray with us today for urgent financial breakthrough and to consider making an immediate donation. To cover the costs of medicine and medical supplies for the final months of the year, we need $150,000. It may sound trite, but every donation matters. Truly. Whatever you donate will directly contribute to saving and changing lives in a nation seemingly plagued by death. 

While what is happening in Syria is indeed horrific, we have seen and we believe that the Lord of the Harvest can bring beauty from any ashes and hope to any darkness. Pray with us unto this end and share this post with your friends and family. 


Warning: Graphic Photos