It Isn't Only Aleppo

In mid-March 2011, twenty-two million Syrians lived within their native borders. After more than half a decade of civil war, village in-fighting, and resource blockades, 500,000 Syrians have died and 2,000,000 have been seriously injured by the conflict. Five million fled, and 7,000,000 are still internally displaced.

This means over 16 million people are still in Syria—almost all of them are starving, thirsty, and ill-equipped to take care of their families. 

Next week, FAI Relief will transfer one ton of frozen meat, clean water, and as many portable generators as we can come up with into an isolated Syrian community hanging on for dear life amidst complete societal breakdown. This is the first of several distributions—amounting in several tons of meat and water—in an area for which we are developing a long-term FAI Relief community healthcare program.

If you would like to donate toward the food, water, and generator delivery (or the Syrian initiative in general), donate now.